8-bit Retro Game Camera with Real Time Effects, Pixel Art Editor and Sprites

Turn Your Photos in Retro Game Adventures!

Nowadays it's all about the highest possible resolution and the most realistic 3D graphics... But there was a time when each single pixel on the screen was important: that was the nostalgic 8-bit era...

Say Hello to Famicam 64: the most realistic and full-featured 8-bit Retro Gaming Camera Suite!

With more than 40+ real time filters, adjustable parameters and classic retro palettes from the most iconic computers and game consoles, Famicam 64 allows you to capture the best looking 8-bit pictures ever.


Nintendo Nes, Super Famicom, Atari, Sega MegaDrive, Game Boy, Arcades, Atari2600, Super Nintendo, various Handhelds and Consoles, Vectrix, Nintendo Virtual Boy, EGA, VGA, CGA, OldSchool systems (and really really oldschool like Oscilloscopes!)... and so much more!


  • 1.Retro-inspired user interface in the Classic yellowed computer plastic
  • 2.More than 40 non destructive real time filters, with fully adjustable custom parameters, inspired by the most iconic retro computers, consoles and games... From "Tennis for Two" oscilloscope experiments and text based adventures to the last home computers and handheld consoles (and much more!).
  • 3.Drawing module to pixel-sketch your photo with different colors, effects, retro brushes, color selector and picker.
  • 4.+350 8bit Sprites, divided in categories (emoticons, monsters, weapons, objects, etc.) to enhance your image and create awesome retro-gaming visual stories to share with your friends.
  • 5.Awesome Custom Frames simulating retro game covers, magazines, floppy, cartridges or CRT screens.
  • 6.Pixelated and nostalgic fonts and styles to caption your moments
  • 7.iOS Native Share to instantly send your creation to any app you use (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumblr and... Wherever else you like!

Flat design is great, but sometimes you get nostalgic of that old yellowed plastic from the 90s...
That's why we used 100% recycled pixels of old beige bumpy plastic to design Famicam 64.

A big red button allows you to take photos, and some clicky old style black buttons let you switch interface and activate features.

Then... we also added a rotating dial to select the effects! What can give you a better retro experience then this realistic retro interface?

... and it's not just a simple camera app... It's a complete 8bit Photo Editing Suite with a set of modules to enhance your photos including:

  • DRAW: to pixel-sketch on your photo with different colors, effects and retro brushes
  • TEXT: to add captions with awesome 8-bit and retro fonts
  • SPRITES: with +350 retro-inspired stickers
  • FRAMES: to turn your photos in old game covers or an old CRT screen

If you grow up loading games from floppies (or through a tape recorder) and you're nostalgic of your childhood... or just love the fantastic pixelated aesthetics and colors of the era, this is the app you can't miss.

Be proud of the origins of computing... Get Famicam 64 Today and re-start the 8bit revolution!



Flickering Myth.com

The Famicam64 ultimately is a fun alternative to Instagram for the retro gamer, wanting to send pictures which reflect the era of gaming they love, with lots of built in winks and nods to classic gaming, and plenty of options which allow you to give all of your snaps a fun, geeky overlay.

If you’re a gamer, what are you waiting for?


Famicam 64, l’app fotografica 8-bit dal gusto retro gaming

IGN Italia


8bit Central

...Instagram gave us the notion that filters are cool, but Zuck's photo app nowhere near as cool as the Famicam64 app. ... Famicam 64 allows you to easily capture great looking 8-bit pictures.

AUS RetroGamer

The Ultimate 8-bit Retro Camera...Forget about looking for the latest and greatest camera app for your smartphone, as you can now have a cool 8-bit retro camera suite with real time effects, pixel art editor and sprites!


Coming from Japanese developer PXL:Artificer, Famicam64 draws design inspiration from the classic Commodore 64 not only with its branding and name, but also the aesthetic of the interface itself. Proudly displaying yellowing plastic and blocky, colourful menu images that look like they've ripped straight from any US Gold or Rainbow Arts title, Famicom64 allows users to snap images with any one of over 40 real-time filters that range from a fantastic oscilloscope, to retro systems like the Gameboy and Atari 2600.


Donnez un look consoles et ordinateurs des années 80 à vos photos avec Famicam64 sur iPhone !


Famicam 64:懐かしの8bitゲーム機風写真が撮れるiPhone用カメラアプリ

Mobile World Italia

Se siete cresciuti negli anni ’80 a pane e videogiochi, sappiamo che avrete già cliccato il badge in fondo; per tutti gli altri, ci tocca fare una presentazione di famicam64... Si tratta di una fotocamera per iOS decisamente particolare, che trasforma tutti i nostri scatti in splendide immagini 8 bit...